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Ray-Ban Aviator Classic RB3025 Gold Metal Pilot pilot sunglasses

Both Ray Ban and a sport sunglasses will block harmful UVA, UVB and UVC light. In fact, any sunglasses sold in the USA, Europe or Australia must comply with this requirement. It is a basic requirement.
Really good sports sunglasses (like AMO) will have special coatings on the lenses. A good sports sunglass will have a hydrophobic coating which sheds water so that when you sweat the water does not accumulate on the lenses and distort vision.

A good sports sunglass may also have a washable anti-fog coating which will stop the sunglasses from misting up. Life style or fashion sunglasses (like Ray Ban) do not offer these special coatings.

Ray ban sunglasses main focus is fashion. The Ray-Ban Aviator Classic RB3025 Gold Metal Pilot pilot sunglasses primary focus is to produce a stylish, modern design with little consideration given to sports needs. The result is a fashionable pair of sunglasses that are fashionable and may even look sporty but with sports functionality. The result is that sunglasses like Ray Ban are not suitable for sports.

Sports sunglasses need to function and perform under extreme conditions. They need them to work in all different types of light, in the rain, on sweaty faces, to protect the eye, to be comfortable and flexible and to withstand impact.

Also some models of Ray Ban sunglasses use glass Discounted raybans sunglasses lenses which provide good optical clarity which may be better than some sports sunglasses with the exception of the best sports brands (like AMO sunglasses). Cheaper Ray Ban sunglasses use plastic lenses. These plastic lenses have a lower optical clarity.

Finally, sports sunglasses are more versatile as they can be used as a fashion accessory. The opposite is just not possible with life style or fashion sunglasses.

So whilst is it not fair the compare the two types of sunglasses as they are developed for different fuctions, there is significant difference between life style Ray Ban sunglasses and sports sunglasses. The key difference is the function they are made for different purposes.

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