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Ray-Ban Justin Classic RB4165 Black Nylon Rectangle pilot sunglasses

Ray-Ban produces iconic frame shapes such as the Pilot, Wayfarer and Clubmaster. The Wayfarer style is now the most popular shape, and the brand is constantly updating the style to make it more popular. The Ray-Ban Justin RB4165 sunglasses are part of the Wayfarer collection. The model was the best-selling picture frame a few years ago and has now been re-released due to high demand and popularity. This vintage style has a Wayfarer shape, but the edges are rounded in a self-determined style. It’s very pleasing to the eye and fits most face shapes better.
The eye-catching, avant-garde Ray-Ban Justin frames have a rich array of colors, both contrasting and classic shades. Expect to see bright blue, olive green to black as well as Havana vintage style. Thanks to the use of lightweight acetate, these sunglasses are comfortable to wear. The mirror leg arms have a frosted rubber coating that enhances grip as you sweat more. The Ray-Ban Justin Classic RB4165 Black Nylon Rectangle pilot sunglasses tips of the mirror legs also have a unique curve, so they fit smoothly around the ears.

These frames are square with a 50 mm lens, including a 22 mm wide bridge and a 150 mm long mirror leg. The original Ray-Ban hikers had a pronounced accent curve at the temple where the ear was. The material used to make the Ray-Ban Traveler is acetate, which tends to be heavier, so the frames are really stronger and more durable. The lenses are G15 classic glasses. The classic G-15 was originally developed for military use with high definition, comfort and protection. The advantage of these lenses is that they absorb 85% of the visible light and block most of the blue light, while the green lenses provide excellent color contrast. The G-15 green lens ensures better vision clarity and a more “natural view”. Discounted raybans sunglasses An iconic style of sunglasses, Original Wayfarer Classics has always made a statement.